Christmas Cheer

"We do this for the children."

2014 Community Impact

  • 2,971 Children Assisted with Toys
  • 38,015 toys distributed
  • 4,928 indviduals assisted
  • 1,285 Food Boxes Distributed
  • 150 Volunteers on a Distribution Day


Christmas Cheer 910-347-4646

Onslow Christmas Cheer, begun in the early 70’s, helps needy children and their families. Poor children and children with means all see the same commercials and have friends who get good toys and bad toys. So many children want the same type of toys regardless of their families’ economic status. The Onslow community wants children to know the magic of Christmas in the demonstration of our gift to them.

Christmas Cheer starts in October and runs through the last week of December. Gifts are offered for children up to age 12 and if resources are available to teenagers up to age 17.  Also boxes of food are provided to the entire household. 

 Thank you to all the volunteers and donors that make this possible.

Christmas Cheer seeks to help children and their families for Christmas. We depend on the donations of the community.

Toy Donations: We accept donations most days from 10AM-2PM, but please see the schedule. We are most in need of toys for boys and girls 10-12 years old.

Food Donations: We are in need of canned meats and staples. The canned meats are needed for families and elderly persons who need to stretch their food pantry. Please consider a donation of these specific items when contemplating your help to others.

Monetary Donations: We use funds given to us to purchase specific items that are needed to help the most children and their families. We have a great relationship with area merchants and get great deals that allow us to purchase a specific type of toy or food that may be needed, but which has not been donated.

Volunteer: Most of the volunteer opportunities are during the distribution period. See the attached for dates but go to to sign up for a specific shift. We try to reserve the evening hours for students seeking the Sponsors For Academic Talent scholarships, but all are welcome. Sometimes, we simply don’t have anything to sort or for volunteers to do, so calling 910 347-4646 right before your shift will help determine our workload. We need the most volunteers December 17-20 for last minute placements and distribution days. A few volunteers are needed for cleanup days, but recently we’ve been so efficient, we’ve only needed one day.

Sponsoring: This is the most meaningful exhibition of Christmas spirit. It allows your family, group or organization to connect to a family in need. It’s not for everyone as the range of families seeking sponsorship are as wide as our diverse population and not everyone makes a perfect match. But for those who enter with the belief that helping others in the spirit of Matthew 25 will find the process rewarding. Sponsor opportunities are closed for 2015.