Faith Community Support

For more than 20 years, churches and faith-based organizations have played a critical role in the Soup Kitchen’s work. Support has included benevolent donations, participating in the Souper Bowl of Caring, providing facilities for meetings, and serving on our Board. We would be honored to have the support of your faith-based organization as well.

Please select at least one of our Top Five ways to consistently support our service in the community:

  1. SOUPer Bowl of Caring
  2. The Souper Bowl of Caring utilizes Super Bowl weekend in America to mobilize young people to fight hunger and poverty in their local communities. Young people collect monetary and food donations during the week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. 100% of the money and food is then given directly to the Soup Kitchen.
  3. Recipient of 5 Mission Offerings per Year
  4. Select the Soup Kitchen as the beneficiary of five special collections.
  5. 5th Sunday Hunger Offerings
  6. Select the Soup Kitchen as the beneficiary of special offerings on months with a fifth Sunday.
  7. Soup Kitchen Presentation to Congregation
  8. This speaking opportunity is appropriate for Sunday School classes, circles, men’s breakfast groups, etc. It tells the story of what we do, how we do it, and how people in need rely on the ongoing support of the faith-based community.
  9. Inclusion in Benevolence Budget

Select the Soup Kitchen as an annual recipient of a portion of your benevolence fund.
For more information, contact Jeff Bober at (910) 347-3227.