Success Stories



Mr. A came to our program due to an unfortunate divorce of 20 years. Mr. A had employment, however, his income was not sufficient to maintain all expenses for the residence he lived. Mr. A is a native of England where he served in the military. He was not eligible for our VA benefits. When Mr. A checked into the shelter, he came with one bag of clothing that included an extra pair of pants and a shirt. In addition to counseling for self-improvement, he was also given toiletry items, food and showers. He was given a clothing voucher to Salvation Army; from which he received suitable attire for employment search and interviews. The program manager linked him to resources to acquire a State ID.  Mr. A was in the shelter program 60 days.  Through assistance from the program, he was able to find employment and save money, resulting in him having sufficient funds to exit into permanent housing. 


The Soup Kitchens main purpose is to provide nourishment to those whose life circumstances place them in a situation where every little bit helps.  During low period in a young man’s life he came to the Soup Kitchen for food assistance. He was laid off and barely making ends meet. The volunteers provided lunch meals and food pantry assistance. Each week he had sufficient food. Upon getting a part-time job, he came to the facility on his days off and began to give back by volunteering to unload trucks. The Soup Kitchen improved this client’s situation by reducing his food insecurity, encouraging positive behaviors and giving an outlet for community involvement. 


During her time as a receptionist at a small business, Jane had health insurance. When the business closed, Jane’s income and insurance ceased. To complicate matters, she began to experience pain in her abdomen. Jane ignored the pain for several months, perceiving her condition was from stress and anxiety. After the pain became severe, she came to the Caring Community Clinic after reading a newspaper article. Jane was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The clinic staff worked successfully to connect Jane to a specialist and to actively assist her with applying for Medicaid.  Jane told one of the staff members: “You made me feel very comfortable and my condition may have been beyond treatment if I had not come to the clinic.”